I am 56 years young and retired from the corporate rat race 11 years ago. Everyone said I was crazy to retire so early. I said you are crazy for working at a job you hate til you are 70. I left 500k in salary on the table over the past decade and have no regrets. Money replenishes, itself, Time does not.
I am a Certified Personal Trainer/ Fitness Nutritionist/ Exercise Therapist and also Teach English abroad. I travel the planet looking for discovery, adventure, and knowledge. I bought a condo last summer in Kiev, Ukraine to be with the most amazing woman I have ever met in my life. I spend my time equally there and on the road.
I am an avid golfer, competition chef, reader, open water certified rescue scuba diver and will do anything tor an adrenaline rush. I live by a strict Heirarchy of Values and do not waver from their adherence.
1) Health- I love helping people reach their health goals.
2) Wealth- Everyone has some type of wealth.
3) Faith- No explanation needed. Play hard, pray hard, all day, every day.
4) Purpose- I get joy/happiness from helping others. My happiness is determined by how happy those around me are. The cornerstone of achieving success is helping others(who appreciate it).
5) Absolute Freedom- The state in which absolutely nothing can restrain me from doing ANYTHING, ANYTIME, ANYWHERE my heart desires, neither myself nor any external forces, Unlimited possibilities exist for me. I worked my ass off to get it. It will never be taken away from me.
6) Belonging= A sense of Community/ Social Relationships (WA filled a void)
7) Knowledge- The daily pursuit of knowledge, wisdom, adventure, and discovery, by traveling, reading, soaking in all of lifes experiences and the wonderful things God has put on this planet.
8) Footloose- Life as most people live it leaves me empty and unsatisfied. I need a richer, more intense and challenging lifestyle.
9) Respect- All any man needs is respect. All any woman wants is to be loved.
10) Happiness- “Happiness is only real, when shared”..Christopher McCandless
I challenge everyone to WRITE DOWN your Heirarchy of Values.
For most of you FAMILY, would top this list. I have none. My mom was born in 1921, Dad in 1905. I have so siblings and only a few first cousins living. Not enough to keep me in USA. I found the love of my life in Ukraine and the country is amazing. The cost of living there is 75% cheaper than USA. They say you can never go home. They also say home is where the heart is. My heart is in Ukraine, so I AM GOING HOME.
I LOVE THIS COMMUNITY AT WA, AND FULLY INTEND TO TEACH WA TO UKRAINIANS. The average salary there is $145/mth. I can really make a difference in the lives of so many there.MAKE A LIVING, MAKE A DIFFERENCE

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